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XUZHOU ZHONGXU CONSTRUCITON MACHINERY IMP& EXP CO.LTD, as a professional exporter of XCMG cranes, our main products are XCMG Truck Crane and All Terrain Crane, including the follow models: QY8D QY12 QY16C QY16D QY20B QY25E QY25K QY25K5 QY30K5 QY40K QY50B QY50K QY60K QY70K QY80K QY100K QY130K, QAY25 QAY130 QAY160 QAY200 QAY240 QAY300
The XCMG crane is NO.1 in china and NO.4 in the world, We markets XCMG cranes in more than 60 countries and districts all over the world includes Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil, Angola, Poland, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam, Algeria, Turkey, Peru, etc, and we set up some service offices in local. Excellent performance, Competitive price, Reliable after-sale services, make our cranes win lots good reputations ...
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